Sepultura 'A-Lex' Review

All of the tracks titled “A-Lex” seem to be musically revolving around the protagonist thinking.  “A-Lex 1” is when he is young (around age 15) and ultimately chooses violence.  As he grows older, the sense of contemplation of life becomes longer and is represented by the more slower pieces on the album colored by keyboards.   “A-Lex II” is when he is confused and is about to enter treatment and on “A-Lex III” he is about to re-enter treatment, but this time he’s aware that he’s being manipulated. On the final “A-Lex IV”, the sense of contemplation continues however this time he realizes a sense of peace.  With a section where things get slightly heavier you get the sense that he’s thinking about a life of crime, but it ends up fading away to the beautiful keyboard melody.  He has his mind back in place, since the State reversed his treatment.  Finally,  on “Paradox” we are summed up with the words “This is your life by free will …” which sum up the story and the album.

Sepultura Band PhotoThe weakest part of this album is the track called “Ludwig Van”.  Since Alex is a classical freak and loves Beethoven. this is part of the whole concept album.  However, this is the only track that I would not include onto my Ipod.  Imagine Metallica’s S & M album, but with the strings at the forefront.  That is it sounds like Sepultura is backing the orchestra or symphony and not the other way around.  References to Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” on guitar just don’t work.  The only part worth listening is the last 30 seconds where everything speeds up, but even that you can skip.

In summary, if you want to melt your balls off, then listen to this album.  Perfect for speeding in your car or listening to before pumping iron.  This could be the best thing they’ve done since Chaos A.D. and it is the best thing that this line up has delivered so far.

Grade :  B+

Suggested Listening :

  • Sepultura – Chaos A.D.
  • Metallica – Ride The Lightning (especially the track “Escape” with lyrics “Life’s for my own to live my own way”)

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