Sepultura 'A-Lex' Review

“Filthy Rot” has that kind of metal groove sound that makes you head bang right away.  It’s similar to the verse riff to Metallica’s “Disposable Heroes” or Pantera’s “A New Level”.  “We’ve Lost You” begins with some beautiful acoustic work.  It paints a picture that someone is lost, but is about to burst into violence.  The slow heavy riff that comes out of this piece makes you want to punch someone in the face.  Check out the song “Filthy Rot” :

Sepultura Band PhotoThe story continues with “A-Lex II”, “The Treatment”, “Metamorphosis”, and “Sadistic Values”.  “A-Lex II” continues with his inner monologue and this time it sounds like he is confused.  On “The Treatment” it actually sounds like Alex is getting treated or brainwashed by being forced to watch violent images or movies to the sound of classical movies.  The bridge to the song sounds like someone’s eyes are spinning.  “Metamorphosis” sounds like someone arising from the dead.  It’s got that slow chugging riff that gives you the sense that he is about to re-enter society.  “Sadistic Values” is the epic of the album and the longest track at around 7 minutes.  The snare drum on the whole piece is constantly building until mid song where the whole band breaks into the metal territory.  This track seems to be the point where the people Alex messed with are coming back for revenge and the lyrics state “reverse the roles” and “follows me”, since Alex is defenseless at this point.

“Forceful Behavior” and “Conform” seem to be about societies requirement of him and his sense of conformity.  Sadly, he is being brainwashed into what society deems acceptable and he is conforming because he has too.  He has no sense of what he wants and this is what the music reflects with some heavy music.  The forceful behavior sounds like its pissing him off.

On the track “The Experiment”, the treatment is reversed.  The sense of anticipation is felt with the fast tempo.  With lyrics such as “Do you think at all?”  and “Is this the way to cure a life so obscure” bring into question as to if this is the answer to violence.  That is can the government solve issues of violence with drugs with the “Experiment of our society”.  Ultimately, the treatment is reversed with the lyrics “No Drugs No More”.  All of this accompanied by a nice heavy riff.  Then on “Strike” and “Enough Said” the violence has returned and we get two more bad ass metal tracks.  “Strike” sounds as if he is returning to his old self and returning to a life of crime, rape and violence.

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