Daniel Martin Moore – Stray Age – Album Review – Sub Pop’s Folk Child

The weakest point of this album is the lyrics.  They seem to be focused on the theme of love and nothingness.  On ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes”,  Moore sings

“Cross the evening sky, all the birds are leaving
But how can they know it’s time for them to go.
Before the winter fire I will still be dreaming.
I have no thought of time, for who knows where the time goes
And who knows where the time goes.”

Daniel Martin Moore Even as cheesy as the lyrics, the way it’s sung and the backing band featuring piano, double bass and xylophone set the mood just right.  It’s as if you are drifting from song to song.  The other place you could consider weak are the vocals.  They tend to stay in that gentle tone and never rise into his head voice or the higher register.  But I don’t mind cause I think only a few people can really pull that off and continue the mood.

Even though vocals and guitars are the focus of the album, the added use of other instruments enhance the mood.  His brother knows exactly what to play piano to continue the mellow mood.  Just listen to “By Dream” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.  Only two tracks (out of 11) have drums which are “That’ll Be the Plan” and “The Old Measure”.  “It’s You” features a violin solo backed by piano and guitar.  There is a mandolin here and there, but all of these just add to the mellow mood.

Overall, this album is the perfect Sunday album.  It’s cheesy, but the good kind of cheesy.

Grade : B+

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