Antony and The Johnsons – The Crying Light – Album Review

Antony & The JohnsonsA lot of the music that is present here is atmospheric.  On “Everglade”, there are so many strings that it sounds like an end to a movie like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Big.  The music is very good if you like the background to a lot of movies, but that is sadly the only thing the album has going for it (besides the lyrics).  I think The Johnsons are better off on their own and maybe with a new singer. “One Dove” features a beautiful saxophone or flute solo that actually sounds like a dove mourning.  The sound effects towards the end sound like the dove is flying away.

The only interesting track (as a whole) is the song called “Kiss My Name”.  His voice is less annoying and it’s something you can sing a long.  The ascending and descending string line towards the end is really beautiful.  The guitars and flute only add to the atmosphere.  In contrast to the upbeat music and singing style, the lyrics are melancholy :

“As I lie, murdered in ground
The rain compacting sodden sound
Of songs I sang the years before
When it was time to rain
Upon the coal that I became”

(Note : Sorry about the homosexual imagery, but that’s all I could find as of now)

In summary, this album is not really worth a listen.  If you can get over his flamboyant vocal style, I do think he does have some great lyrics (worth reading on their own) and good atmospheric music.  However, there is only one good song, but I would not be surprised to hear this kind of stuff on an airplane.  I only wonder if it will cause anyone to jump off the plane and take their life.

Grade:  D+ (or C- if you can stand the vocals)

Suggested Tracks :

  • “Kiss My Name”

Suggested Listening :

  • Tiny Tim – God Bless Tiny Tim
  • Culture Club – Greatest Hits
  • The Sound of Music (Soundtrack)

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