Pepsi Throwback Review

The package is this hideous blue like Pepsi and honestly it is hard to tell the difference with the regular soda.  The logo is also suppose to be retro or more like the original logo.  The logo is placed vertically, so you will have to tilt your head to read it.  (i.e. there may be lawsuits with people who have neck problems).  The commercial reminds me of the 70’s and the Jackson 5.  (Check out the commercial below)

Now what does it taste like?  Well, like Pepsi.  The difference is minimal, but a good one.  The taste is more subtle.  The sugar adds a more mellow flavor than the corn syrup.  I left the can half full while tasting the soda and it was fizzling the whole time.  It was a pretty annoying constant sound, but as the glass became more empty the sound was less noticeable.  The best part of the soda (apart from the taste) was the after-taste.  Usually with Pepsi, you have that gunky almost like a bad oil change taste afterwards.  With this Pepsi Throwback, you notice the aftertaste much less if any.  Which is better Throwback or the current Pepsi?  I’d have to go with the Throwback cause it’s taste is slightly better.

(Note: There is also a Mountain Dew Throwback as well.)

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2 thoughts on “Pepsi Throwback Review

  1. Refined sugar caused diabetes just as bad as HFCS. Its like arguing which is more poisonous, hydrogen cyanide or Zyklon-B. You’re last line “What it really comes down to is preference in taste.” is a farce. Taste is irrelevant when it comes to poisons. The whole Cola War’s sham of the 80’s was just that… a sham… to get the masses to argue about taste to distract them from the real problem with these products… that they are highly toxic and damaging to the human body in half a dozen different ways.

    Diabetes is no fun at all to have. Confusion, chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating. In addition these products cause teeth rot, flatulence, obesity, stomach ulcers from stomach acid, poor digestion, insomnia, hyperactivity, panic, stress, and hostility. Don’t believe me, drink enough caffiene and you will definatly notice a massive change in your mood from well balanced to quick to anger to down right hostile.

  2. If you have diabetes, you probably should avoid soda and caffeine altogether. Yes refined sugar is just as bad and that is why I said it comes down to taste IF you are drinking a Pepsi or soda. Honestly, anything in moderation is okay. It’s just when it starts replacing water in your daily diet is when it becomes an issue. Add on sitting for at least 8 hours a day and you could easily be heading towards health issues such as obesity and onset diabetes. Good amount of exercise and eating proportionally is the key. Genetics is another key.

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