Pepsi Throwback Review

Pepsi ThrowbackIn case you haven’t heard, Pepsi just released a soda called “Throwback” where they use Natural Sugar instead of High-Fructose Corn Syrup.   The “Natural Sugar” is composed of part sugar cane and beet sugar.  The other difference between this and a regular Pepsi is that there is no citric acid here to preserve the shelf life of the soda (Pepsi is experimenting with this soda for 8 weeks supposedly).  Is High Fructose Corn Syrup bad?  Well there are critics on both sides.  The ones that say that it’s not bad simply have found studies where it does not directly cause obesity and not intrinsically bad for you.  However, opponents have tested this in rats who were forced to mimic most U.S. types of employment.  That is they were forced to be more sedentary than normal and were allowed to consume as much as they pleased.  The study found that the rats were consuming more and began to have signs of type 2 diabetes.  Basically, the rats sense of fullness was inhibited.  What it really comes down to is preference in taste.

Dealing with Unemployment | Sadness or an Opportunity?

Pig Race or Corporate AmericaWell it’s been a month and a week or two, since I have been unemployed (Feels like a week to be honest). Part of a massive layoff (approximately 22 at the same time), which helped me feel less strange because I was part of a group. I could see it coming with the many changing faces, the outsourcing and the economy.  It seemed to have become a revolving door long before I was let go.

I accomplished what I needed in the first year of being there.  Learned most of what I needed in the first month or two.  Stuff I wanted to learn had to be put on the backburner and instead I learned how to dive into other peoples work, figure them out within the day (or hour in most cases) and enhance or add features them.  I launched the site with the highest traffic ( and stabilized it soon afterwards.  Worked many hours overtime to get it ready for launch and then many hours overtime to train the outsource and in-house teams on what I had done.

I walked away with a lot more than I had before, so I do not regret anything I had done.  I gained some lifelong friends (people that are helping me to this day) and some dough in the bank.  (Note:  I highly recommend saving as much money as possible for a rainy day (at least a years worth)).  Even more than anything I acquired the experience necessary for me to find the next position.